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I will be spending the majority of the year 2021 travelling around Australia and studying to deepen my understanding of the human body.

So for now, I will not be offering treatments. 

As you may already know, I am very passionate about self-care in the form of self-massage and facial reflexology, and so I will continue to offer these services through guided online video sessions.

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Holistic skincare is about working and flowing with the physical, emotional, mental and energetic aspects of the whole self.

Light and beauty already exists within us all, and this radiance can be revealed by melting away the layers of stagnant stress, tension and waste. 


With intentional touch and active herbs, each treatment is individualised to support the intrinsic processes of your body and encourage healing and harmony.

At Flow Skin Food, you will be inspired to feel comfortable and beautiful in your own skin. Instead of trying to change the physical appearance of your skin, we focus first on improving the way you feel about your whole self. 

The flaws that we dislike and try to hide are messengers of our internal world. If we can shift our perspective and understand that the body is always working in our favour, we can start to to see our health and skin conditions as a form of communication. 

Your body wants you to be healthy. Whether you're experiencing acne, psoriasis, excessive dryness or oiliness- your skin is just informing you of disharmony within. 

Of course there are many quick-fixes out there...but ignoring early warning signs of imbalance and ill-health could result in disharmony and eventually dis-ease. By following professional guidance and working with your own intuition, inner health can be restored overtime. 

Radiant skin is an expression of a holistically healthy mind and body. Light will shine through your eyes and face when you start to love and accept yourself for all that you are, unconditionally. 


Surrender to the wisdom and intelligence within.

"Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know."


– Pema Chödrön


An intuitive integration of Swedish massage and remedial trigger point therapy.

My massage style helps to melt away physical, mental and emotional tension by working first and foremost with the nervous system through respectful, caring and intentional touch.

The purpose of each treatment is to create an atmosphere in which your body feels safe enough to drift into a deep meditative state.

This allows for holistic healing and natural release. 

Starting with a lavender and epsom salt foot soak, we will discuss your current state of wellbeing and tailor the treatment to your needs and preferences.

Using Australian grown, organic nut and seed oils, I create my own herb infused blends formulated to soothe the skin, induce tranquility and relieve pain and tension.


I started making my own skincare products when I realised my skin was very reactive to common skincare ingredients like preservatives and emulsifiers. 

I noticed many people experience the same issue, so I was inspired to offer something completely unique, gentle, effective and bespoke.

After years of research and experimenting, I created my 'skin food pantry', which includes homemade hydrosols and herbal oil infusions, Australian clays, and a range of ground nuts, grains, seeds and more active and potent herbs- all grown organically in Australia.

With my own little apothecary, I am able to completely tailor each facial treatment and offer a farm to face style of skincare. Natural is an unregulated word in the skincare industry, and so I decided to find my own way to offer a facial experience that safely uses whole plants- this is about as close to nature as it gets. 


Healthy skin relies on inner flow.

By focusing  a facial treatment on the release of blockages and tension that cause stagnant circulation, we reveal the natural glow within that is often hidden beneath layers stress and strain.

Most skincare products are formulated to boost circulation, stimulate cell turnover, boost collagen and elastin production and so on...massage, when practiced correctly, does all of this and also feels so relaxing.

When the mind and body are in a relaxed state, the body starts to heal and regulate in this 'rest and digest' mode.

And just like that, a facial becomes so much more than just a facial.
Skilled, attentive massage therapy can transform the health and wellbeing of the skin by simply supporting and enhancing the natural processes of the body. I integrate remedial massage with Eastern influence and intuitive techniques to restore holistic harmony and radiance.

This holistic facial therapy is a fusion of Flow Skin Food and Traditional Chinese Medicine healing method- Gua Sha.

Using specialised Mookaite Jasper, Rose Quartz and Bian facial Gua Sha stones, the face is drained of waste, relieved of tension, nurtured and lifted in a way that will have you experiencing a whole new depth of clarity and vitality.

Combined with acupressure, herb infused oils, facial reflexology and my own intuitive techniques, the Gua Sha facial is an experience like no other.

The sensation that is felt when the stone is gliding over the skin is indescribable. 

It is a special therapy that transforms the face in a way I have never witnessed before.

The skin glows and the wrinkles soften, but it's the emotional release I have the pleasure of observing that really fulfils my heart and soul 


This is the therapy that is closest to my heart. Many types of facial reflexology exist, and Dien Chan Zone is the most complete and advanced of them all. 

The face, just like the hands, feet and many other body parts, is covered in reflex zones that correspond to our internal systems. Yes, you have access to your entire body just by touching your face, isn't that amazing?

I fell instantly in love with this therapy because you can get the same results working on yourself as you would in a professional treatment (the only difference is you cant drift off to sleep).

This means that every person on this earth with a working hand has access to this potent self-healing method. 

This excites me more than anything because I don't believe health is a privilege only accessible to those who can afford it. Aside from this wonderful bonus, Dien Chan Zones re-connects us with ourselves in such a beautiful and gentle way. It has completely enhanced my own holistic healing journey and has reminded me of just how intelligent and wise the human body can be when given the time and space to go above and beyond the logical mind.



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