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An intuitive integration of Swedish, Vietnamese and remedial massage.

This therapy helps to alleviate various levels of tension by working first and foremost with the nervous system through respectful, caring and intentional touch.

This creates an atmosphere in which the body feels safe to drift into a deep, meditative state, encouraging holistic healing and natural release. 


The art of touch, refined and amplified.

This unique form of reflexology explores all parts of the human form, with special attention placed on an aspect of our being often neglected in the realms of health and wellbeing: The face.

Layered with highly sensitive reflex zones, the face is a powerful area to apply the art and science of reflexology.

It houses our sense organs, expresses emotion, tells the world who we are and how we feel.

The face reflects our state of health and thanks to it's close proximity to the central nervous system, offers a point of access through which we can explore and tend to disharmony and dis-ease.


A sustainable and minimalist, yet potent approach to topical skin health.

With an apothecary style skin food selection, skincare potions are adapted to the individual using a range of organic dried herbs, clays, hydrosols and oils.

Receive the nourishment of Nature as whole plant blends are massaged into your skin with purpose and care, in alignment with the innate functioning of your body's largest organ.


Vibrant skin is the result of healthy, internal flow.

With daily stress and tension contributing to stagnant circulation, touch can be a revitalising remedy.

Temporarily dimmed beneath layers stress and dis-ease, your unique radiance is and always will be within you. 
Attentive touch therapy invites your essence to the surface, transforming the health and wellbeing of the skin by supporting and enhancing natural processes.


Facial Gua Sha is a gentle and relaxing adaption of traditional Gua Sha- an ancient healing technique of Chinese Medicine which works by scraping the skin with a tool (Gua) to raise a red rash or 'sand' (Sha).

Using specialised stones designed for the contours of the face, this practice helps to stimulate microcirculation, drain excess waste and fluid, relieve tension and encourage clarity and vitality.

Crystals and stones offer a unique and hypnotic sensation when in contact with the skin, leaving the face feeling lifted, refreshed and energised.



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Margaret River

Western Australia, 6285

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