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Dien Chan Zone Facial Reflexology

A form of medicine and self-care that awakens our awareness and experience of the bodies innate self-healing and self-regulating nature.

DCZ Reflexology gives us the opportunity to gently request a rebalance of optimal energy flow throughout our internal structures and systems, gradually opening blocked pathways so that we may experience more ease and clarity on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels.

When working with this modality, we are invited inward. We slowly but surely learn the language of our unique being and follow it's guidance according to knowledge and wisdom available to us. 

Paying attention to subtle clues, we enter into the harmonious dance of potent and sustainable self-care, relying solely on the intelligence and potential within. 


The original technique, 'Dien Chan' refers to a form of reflexology that was developed by Acupuncturist ...after the Vietnamese war, when a simple, affordable and most importantly effective form of medicine was desperately needed. 

After so much success, the technique was introduced to the West. Over the last few decades, Dien Chan Zone has been developed, which is a multi-reflexology inspired by 'Dien Chan' that has been developed and adapted to meet the needs and lifestyles of Westerners. You can read more about the origins and history here. 


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