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Holistic Self Care

Choosing a more nature-aligned approach to skincare can involve more than just replacing what you have with organic, botanical products.

Using plant-based products in the same way you used the synthetic products you now want to avoid is, after a while- deeply unsatisfying.

Let your urge to explore more gentle options lead you far beyond 'natural skincare', deep into to the wonderful world of holistic self-care.

For me, following this path has completely transformed the way I see, care for and respect my whole body.

Holistic skincare can be a rich experience, a ritual.

An act of self love. But what is self love? Showing up for yourself, imperfectly and consistently. Committing to self care practices which help to nurture and strengthen your whole being. Slowly and steadily exploring the way your feel about yourself- your appearance, your past, your habits, your gifts...all of it. Becoming honest and real with yourself- moment to moment. Learning the importance of loving or at least accepting and respecting all the parts of you, including (and especially) the parts you tend to hide away from the world. Let these layers teach you about acceptance, growth, resilience and TRUE love. Symptoms representing disharmony and ill-health can be healed overtime, the 'flaws' that cannot be changed make you who you are...and who you really are is true beauty radiating through a physical body.

Holistic skincare can look like...

Spending quality time alone and becoming aware of your internal world- your thoughts and feelings, your breath, the functioning of your organs, tissues and cells.

Working with holistic therapies, practicing self-massage and making your own skincare blends.

Understanding that hydration is skincare, exercise is skincare, meditation, art, movement, gardening...quite literally anything that nourishes your mind, body and spirit is simultaneously nourishing your skin. And the opposite is of course also true. You are a holistic being. Connected with everything, and everyone. "Your task is not to seek love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it."

- Rumi

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