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Simple Skincare

There are so many wonderful options when it comes to caring for your beautiful skin and self.

My approach to topical skincare has been adapted and simplified over the years to become more sustainable, minimal, intuitive and gentle...

Cleanse: I either use a cleansing powder, honey or oil. My cleansing powder contains oats, clay and dried herbs.

Sometimes I'll just used plain, ground oats- which are very beneficial on their own. I love cleansing powders because I don't have to worry about preservatives or shelf life.

I keep it in a jar in my bathroom and make sure I am careful not to let any water in- for this reason I don't keep it in the shower.

I take about a teaspoon amount in my hand, activate with water (adding very gradually to get a good ratio) and massage into my skin for a minute or so. This, as well as honey and the oil cleansing method, makes my skin feel so soft, clean and hydrated- unlike the tight, dry and irritated feeling I experienced with standard cream/gel cleansers.

Exfoliate: I very rarely exfoliate these days. If I do, it's definitely not a daily practice- once a week or fortnight feels right for me.

It's something I'll do intuitively rather than routinely- using simple ingredients like ground almonds or gentle fruit pulp such as papaya and mango which contain enzymes and AHA's for a non-mechanical exfoliating option (great for sensitive skin).

Re-hydrate: I switch between various floral waters and hydrosols, at the moment I am using rose hydrosol.

After cleansing, I will mist or pat some hydrosol onto my skin before applying oil.

Nourish + Protect: I use my own herb infused oil blend, before this I used plain carrier oils- usually macadamia, almond or sunflower seed (organic and cold-pressed).

If your skin is well hydrated, oil helps to lock in that hydration, and if not- you may need to add a little water to your oil for a moisturising effect.

Simply mix a few drops of oil with a few drops of water/hydrosol in the palm of your hand, stirring with your finger until the texture changes slightly and apply.

So there you have it- an intuitive application of powders, hydrosol and oils.


For me, beauty is now all about flow.

I am focusing less and less on topical products and more on promoting movement and vitality throughout my body via reflexology, self-massage, exercise and so on.

Are you curious about intuitive, holistic skin care?

Let me know in the comments or come and receive a nurturing treatment to experience the simplicity for yourself.

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