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What is Skin Food?

A way of using everyday ingredients from nature to cleanse, balance and nourish the skin.

Skin Food is all about aligning with the natural processes of the body.

It is not a quick fix but rather, a slow and gentle journey of discovering a unique, simple and sustainable way to love and nurture your body.

Our skin is constantly adapting and responding to internal and external changes: Seasonal, environmental, nutritional, emotional, hormonal and so on.

Learning about botanical ingredients has taught me that I can attune my blends to support to this ever-changing nature of the skin.

The main thing to remember as you experiment with homemade skincare?

Keep it enjoyable, lighthearted and fun!

Chronic skin imbalances should always be addressed internally.

Release the heavy, demanding and unrealistic expectations associated with topical skincare products and practices.

Remember that the skin is an important organ, whose expression should never be suffocated for the sake beauty standards and trends.

Skin Food is about supporting the skin in a way that is respectful of it's innate processes, and responding gently and holistically to it's forms of communication.

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