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The rose quartz Aphrodite Gua Sha stones from Philosophia Botanica are designed by Francesca Canzano-Franklin - Traditional Chinese Medicine and Thai Medicine practitioner, yoga teacher and botanical skincare formulator.


Facial Gua Sha has a long list of benefits, just as rose quartz has a long list of healing properties.

If you choose to practice this technique holistically and with respect to it's roots and history, skin rejuvenation is just the beginning.


Rose quartz is naturally cooling and healing, helping to calm and enliven the skin while encouraging a deep sense of self love and relaxation. 


The Aphrodite Gua Sha can help to rejuventate and lift the face, enhance lymphatic drainage, relieve pain and tension and soften the mind, body and spirit.

Aphrodite Gua Sha

  • Each Aphrodite stone is completely unique thanks to the natural variations of the crystal.

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