The rose quartz Aphrodite Gua Sha stone from Philosophia Botanica was designed by Francesca- a Traditional Chinese Medicine and Thai Medicine practitioner, yoga teacher, botanical skincare formulator and all-round amazing human.

Since attending the Pro Gua Sha training with Francesca, we connected in a way that had me feeling like I'd known her forever...we connected through our mutual love and passion for 'flow'. 

I am so excited and honoured to bring her magical stones and wisdom to Australia. 


Francesca has taken the time to 'cleanse' each stone in moonlight, and I would love for you to continue this ritual should you choose to invest in the Aphrodite Gua Sha.


Yes, facial Gua Sha has a long list of benefits...just as rose quartz has a long list of healing properties.

I'm not so interested in isolated benefits anymore, and I believe those who would benefit the most from the practice of facial Gua Sha are those who feel especially drawn to the stones, drawn to the practice.

I don't want you to invest in this stone just to improve wrinkles, puffiness, tension and breakouts.

I would rather you look at this as a way of falling in love with taking care of yourself, melting into the decadent experience of intentional self-care.

This is the Aphrodite stone, the godess of love, pleasure and beauty.

This stone is for you if you're ready to awaken your inner Aphrodite and remember // embody what beauty means to you.



Aphrodite Gua Sha

  • Each Aphrodite stone is completely unique thanks to the natural variations of the crystal. If you have a colour/shade preference please leave a note below...