This uniques stone is the patented creation of Cecily Braden. The angles and curves are unique and have been carefully designed and hand-carved for specific uses on the face.

This stone comes with access to facial Gua Sha online tutorials and education. You will learn about lymphatic drainage, lifting and sculpting as well as addressing specific areas and concerns.


The stone must be used correctly in order to experience the benefits but also to avoid adverse effects. 

With Gua Sha we are working with the lymph, the blood, the connective tissue, the muscles and much more. If we are to effectively practice a technique that supports and works with our intrinsic processes; education and precision are key.

The Mookaite Jasper stone itself is grounding in the way it connects us with the earth. It is said to promote strength, healing courage and vitality. It is also known to shift and broaden our perspective when it comes to ageing. This stone therefore aligns perfectly with Flow Skin Food's philosophy of graceful ageing and appreciating our skin and body unconditionally through all stages and conditions. 

Massage it over your skin, hold it on your heart, sleep with it under your pillow...for this stone, is more than just a stone.

Mookaite Jasper Gua Sha Stone

  • The Mookaite Jasper stone itself has natural colour and pattern variations, which means each Gua Sha stone is completely unique.

    If you would like to see the different stones I have available before purchasing feel free to email me:

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