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These jarrah, marri and sheoak Gua Shas by Heart Of Gaia are ethically and sustainably sourced, and lovingly made in Australia.


Gua Sha is a Traditional Chinese Medicine healing method involving scraping (Gua) of the skin's surface with a tool to stimulate the movement and release of stagnant energy (Sha).

The purpose of this practice is to stimulate circulation within the soft tissue and allow for more ease and flow throughout the body.

Gua Sha is known to aid in the healing and relief of a variety of health conditions.


Facial Gua Sha can help with a variety of skin concerns such as congestion, puffiness, sagging and dullness, as the practice encourages more movement, nourishment and vitality beneath the skin.

Rescued Timber Gua Sha

  • - Rescued Timber Gua Sha

    - Storage Bag

    - Facial Gua Sha Ritual Instructions

Botanical Ingredients

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