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"I’ve never ever fallen asleep in a treatment ever until this day!
The switch off is instant, blissed out within seconds and the tension I hold in my jaw and brow disappears. I fall instantly into complete relaxation, vulnerability and trust. And peace. It’s just so peaceful.
The treatment is something else but the flow on is just as epic. I check my face in the mirror when I collect my things after the treatment, there’s not much difference between the before and after, I still have the smile and frown lines, my eyebrows are still uneven 🤔 but I feel stupidly good. The change is felt more than it’s seen.
This treatment is good for the SOUL. I’ve not worn makeup in 6+ months, I no longer feel like I need to cover up my hormonal flare ups or occasional dry skin, the shame is gone. I am so much more in tune with how my skin speaks to me and I answer it promptly. If this treatment does nothing else (which it does, it does all the things, it’s ridiculous) it’s given me awareness and gratitude to my skin and inner workings of my body.
If there is anything in this world that will make you look and feel ✨RADIANT✨ it’s this right here.
Thanks George, you’re a sorcerous of the best kind 💛"

- Sophie, 19/03/20

"Absolutely amazing massages from Georgia she is so professional and know exactly what areas of the body need focusing on. There is so much love and care in every move she does. The facials are amazing with all natural ingredients, my skin has never felt so soft and glowing.
Highly recommend"

- Simone, 01/09/19

"Georgia has created a unique experience that goes beyond the standard massage, she is intuitive, caring and present. From the moment you step in the door, Georgia creates a special space just for you- a space for you to stop and receive, a space for self love and flow. I had the 90 minute Skin Food Flow Facial and it was nothing short of incredible. The Skin Food treatment was beautiful, tailor made facials using organic ingredients combined with a gentle face and body massage, releasing tensions and toxins. I left my treatment feeling reconnected, balanced and glowing. Georgia is truly gifted and passionate about what she does, i cannot recommend her enough. Thank you for sharing such a special experience, i can't wait for my next one!"


 - Tess,13/08/19

"I had the most amazing massage with Georgia! I love face and head massages and she really knows her stuff. I felt like I had years of stress and tension melting away from my frown lines, jaw, scalp, temples and my neck. Highly recommend this natural anti-aging treatment."

 - Marli, 06/08/19

"I had the most relaxing massage and facial from Georgia Sunday afternoon. Her massage routine has a beautiful and unique flow that sets her apart from a lot of other massages I’ve had. She knew exactly where to focus on tight areas with some trigger therapy too. The environment is set up to create a very relaxing atmosphere and for the facial she used some beautiful home made blends that made my face feel soothed and refreshed. Highly recommended! I loved every minute of it"

 - Jordan, 21/01/19

"Just had one of the best if not the best facials ever!! (And I've had a few) Georgia makes you feel so nurtured and cared for. Her gentle but strong and confident touch was just blissful! Her custom made natural ingredient products felt like food for my skin body and soul. Her passion for what she is doing comes through in her hands. Soo soo good thank you Georgia xxoo"

 - Kathy, 12/10/18

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