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Hi, my name is Georgia.

I am a Massage Therapist, Beauty Therapist, Reflexologist and owner and founder of Flow Skin Food.

My lifelong fascination with human nature, health and wellbeing, remedial plants and beauty rituals inspired me to open my business in 2018.

With the influence of life-changing events, exploring new modalities, working with hundreds of people and of course observing my own internal world, my offerings have evolved and transformed over the years.

My respect for the human body is ever deepening.

Through my work, I hope to reconnect people with their own wisdom, artistry and beauty.

The first thing to enter my mind when reflecting on my Flow Skin Food story, is a book in my grandparents library.

Their shelves were filled with a wide variety of interesting options, yet time and time again, whenever I'd visit as a child I would I select the same book.

It was filled with beautiful, vibrant images of botanical beauty rituals and natural spas around the world.

People bathing in tranquil streams and flower filled baths.

Clays and dried plants being blended and massaged onto the skin.

Peaceful, lush landscapes and calming waterways.

Many years later, my Mum introduced me to a similar book.

This one was filled with ancient beauty rituals and recipes from around the world.

I was a teenager at the time, experiencing my first breakouts and attacking them with the harshest products I could find at the pharmacy.

Thankfully, I was drawn in again by the beautiful images of nature-aligned self care, and started creating homemade recipes for my face, hair and body.

In 2014, I enrolled to become a Remedial Massage Therapist.

I did this training not because I was particularly passionate about massage therapy (to be honest I don't know if I'd even received a massage before the training), but for the desire to discover more about the human body.

The first day of learning about the therapeutic value of touch was exciting and eye opening.

It felt like I was right where I was supposed to be.

After working in the industry for a while, I found that I particularly enjoyed working on the face.

There was something very powerful and profound about this highly sensitive area.

Determined to learn more about facial massage and continue my interest in skin biology and skin care, I completed a diploma in Beauty Therapy.

With 2 qualifications, a few years of spa industry experience and a lifelong passion for homemade, botanical skincare, I started Flow Skin Food with a small selection of treatments integrating flow enhancing bodywork with 'Skin Food' facial treatments.

During this time, I went through some life changing losses.

I turned to meditation and a variety of other self care practices in an attempt to feel better again.

And as many have experienced before me, as soon as I got quiet, my body started to speak.

I began to process and release all that I had been suppressing over the years, and it was painful.

Many new symptoms began to manifest at this time, and I realized a more holistic approach was needed.

That's when I found DCZ Facial Reflexology.

Working with this modality helped me develop a deep sense of respect for the human body.

It helped me understand and trust in our self-healing and self-regulating nature.

It helped me connect the dots between my seemingly unrelated symptoms, and see the genius and beauty in the bodys innate healing processes.

It provided me with simple and empowering tools and techniques to reconnect with and support my internal world, and guide others in doing the same.

Flow Skin Food is a collection of remedies that have helped me most through the ups and downs of life.

It has expanded and evolved over the years to become a space for deep relaxation, self-discovery, botanical nourishment and energetic release.

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