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  • This earthy skin food powder was created to offer a truly fresh and potent form of skincare.

    By preserving the plants in their dry form, the soothing and strengthening properties are revitalised in the presence of water.

    Just like a tea, the skin food blend is steeped in hot water to enliven the essence of each ingredient.


    While this can be done in any old bowl or even in the palm of your hand, I had these bowls and spoons specially made to enrich the experience. 


    This offering is very close to my heart, as it was my Grandma (an incredible designer and potter) who encouraged the idea and created the bowls- with so much love and intent.

    When she passed away, I couldn't bring myself to let them go.


    While I'll be keeping a few for myself, it's well and truly time to share these beautiful creations,

    along with the sweet little spoons, which were handmade by one of my closest friends.


    I hope you love these sets as much as I do!

    Skin Food Face Mask Set

    • Organic Australian Ingredients

      Oats, Marshmallow Root, Kaolin Clay, Lavender, Calendula, Flax Seed 

    • 45g Skin Food Cleanser + Mask

      Ceramic Bowl

      Ceramic Spoon

      Skin Food Ritual Instructions

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